Komidaz Pricing Plans

With Komidaz you will always know what you are paying. Our pricing plans are transparent and
without any hidden fees or charges. Whether you are a single independent restaurant
or multi location operator we offer transparent pricing plans to get you started
without any upfront cost or commitment.

Do not see a plan that is right for you?
Contact our sales team at sales@komidaz.io and we will find a plan just for you!



$0 Upfront + No Monthly Commitment

    • Dine In QRC - $0
    • Takeout - 5% per order* 
    • Delivery - 5% Per order*
    • *Introductory  first 3 mos. commission free

White Label

Design a Custom Package

    • Volume Discount
    • Multi Unit Discount
    • Predictable Cost
    • DIY Delivery or Use our Logistics Services

What do you get?

Komidaz platform includes the most comprehensive set of features and functionalities and integrates with your existing systems.


Online Ordering

Offer online ordering for Takeout and Delivery on your website


Multi Location Manager

Manage all your services for multiple locations with our SaaS backend


Order Communication

Keep your customers up to date on their order status at every point


Social Media Integration

Integrate with social media to manage customers relationships


Dine-In QRC Ordering

Automate Dine-In ordering with QRC to increase efficiency and save time


Menu & Pricing Manager

Manage menus and pricing by service types for multiple locations


Payment Processing

Offer your customers multiple ways to pay - cash, CC, mobile wallets etc.


Customer Profiling

Profile customers to get insight on your menu and increase repeats


Takeout & Order Ahead

Maximize Takeout & Order Ahead through listing on our marketplace


Promotion Manager

Mange and offer promotions and incentives by service types and time


Kitchen App

Let your kitchen know of incoming online and marketplace orders


Ad Engine

Run targeted ads, SMS, Notification, Email campaigns to increase revenue



Offer your own delivery service and save on 3rd Party commission


Loyalty Programs Manager

Implement & manage customer loyalty programs and rewards points


POS Integration

Integrate with your POS system to speed up order fulfillment


Driver's App*

Connect and let drivers know of delivery assignment *(DIY Delivery)


Komidaz Advantage!

If you wonder how we stack up against the competition, here are five key ways Komidaz edges out other platforms on the market.


Komidaz integrates with your POS and other systems to make your life easy.


Komidaz includes a full-scale, DIY digital marketing platform and levels the advertising playing field.


Komidaz provides targeted advertising powered by AI, resulting in higher marketing ROI.


Komidaz focuses on efficiency by centralizing your day-to-day operations and providing customers an easy way to order and pay.


Komidaz offers what competitors offer and more –– all for $0.

Commonly Asked Questions

Here are the answers to most commonly asked questions about our platform and services.
If you have a question not addressed please contact us here.

Does it really cost $0 to signup? What's the catch?

Yes, it is absolutely free to signup and get started. There is no catch. 

How do you make money?

We charge a small commission to cover our processing and infrastructure cost. When you use our Ads platform to send out promotional offers and communicate with your customers, we charge you fairly priced advertising cost 

Do I know who my customers are?

Yes. You will know who your customers are.

Do I have to use your Ads Platform?

No. If you do not use our Ads platform we don’t charge you anything.

Are all your services really free?

Yes. You only pay a small commission when an order comes through our platform or when you use our Ads platform to communicate with our customers. There is no other charges to user our software.  

Can I list multiple restaurants?

Yes. Our software is designed to let you manage all your restaurants from a unified backend.

How often can I update my menus and pricing?

As often as you wish. There are no restrictions.

How many menus can I keep?

You can enter and manage as many menus as you wish.

Can I have different Prices for different Services?

Yes. You can maintain pricing by different types of services.

Can I use my own Payment Processor?

If you are in our White Lable Program you can.