What We Are Passionate About

Komidaz is all about increasing order flow to restaurant kitchens. We built the next generation restaurant platform 
that brings together food lovers and restaurateurs like you worldwide. When you join our platform, 
you join a community and partner with a company that is passionate about 
your success and building technologies that make you successful.



We are passionate about helping our restaurant partners efficiently fulfill orders to increase their bottom line



We are passionate about developing technologies that make our restaurant partners efficient and save time and money for our marketplace users



We are passionate about connecting our marketplace users to our restaurant partners and their best offers wherever and whenever they want it

Komidaz Advantage!

If you wonder how we stack up against the competition, here are five key ways Komidaz edges out other platforms on the market.

Komidaz integrates with your POS and other systems to make your life easy.

Komidaz includes a full-scale, DIY digital marketing platform and levels the advertising playing field.

Komidaz provides targeted advertising powered by AI, resulting in higher marketing ROI.

Komidaz focuses on efficiency by centralizing your day-to-day operations and providing customers an easy way to order and pay.

Komidaz offers what competitors offer and more –– all for $0.


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