How It Works?
All-In-One Ordering, CRM &amp Marketing Platform Designed for Restaurants

Transact, Target, Repeat

Komidaz platform is designed to increase revenue for restaurants

All-In-One Ordering Platform

Diners can order online or with mobile on or off premise.

AI-Driven Promotion & Marketing Engine

Harness the power of AI to find more customers, build relationships & keep them coming back to you.

Supported By a Full Featured Cloud Backend

Manage multiple locations, menus, timing, QRCs, customer list and orders from an easy to use web based backend

How it Works

Full Featured Cloud Backend

Integrate with your existing system, process orders efficiently and keep track of your business

How it Works

Complete Ordering Platform

Accept orders in multiple ways. Komidaz activates all digital channels available for ordering.

How it Works

AI Enhanced Marketing

Build your customer list and use AI to understand them better and keep them coming back to you.

How it Works

The Komidaz Advantage!

If you wonder how we stack up against the competition, here are five key ways Komidaz edges out other platforms on the market.

How it Works

Komidaz integrates with your POS and other systems to make your life easy.

How it Works

Komidaz includes a full-scale, DIY digital marketing platform and levels the advertising playing field.

How it Works

Komidaz provides targeted advertising powered by AI, resulting in higher marketing ROI.

How it Works

Komidaz focuses on efficiency by centralizing your day-to-day operations and providing customers an easy way to order and pay.

How it Works

Komidaz offers what competitors offer and more –– all for $0.

How Does Komidaz Boost Your Business?

Komidaz gives you the power to grow revenue and expand your offerings to include
delivery, takeout, order ahead and customer-driven dine-in services

How it Works

Eliminating High Commission

Eliminate third-party marketplace services and save on exorbitant commission.

How it Works

Stemming Lost Revenue

Avoid lost revenue by allowing customers to order via the app during rush hour.

How it Works

Reducing Staffing Cost

Reduce staffing costs by offloading order entry to the app.

How it Works

Maximizing Takeout Revenue

Maximize takeout sales by offering the app as an ordering option instead of busy phone lines.

How it Works

Increasing Table Turns

Speed up table turns by leveraging the Komidaz app for quicker dine-in orders and payments.

How it Works

Improving Customer Experience

Easily update customers when their orders are ready to enhance their experience.

Power of Komidaz

Getting online is easy. Succeeding online is a different story. You’ll need more than a beautiful website to stand out.

How it Works

Build Your Brand Reputation.

Empower Your Customer Relationships. Leverage customer data insights from Komidaz to connect with your diners, one-to-on.

How it Works

Simplify Business Operations

Lean on a single centralized backend to handle day-to-day operations, including payments, order processing, billing and more.

How it Works

Expand Your Offerings

Offer multiple ordering options for customers including dine-in, pickup and curbside takeaway to increase transactions and sales.

How it Works

Empower Your Customer Relationships

Leverage customer data insights from Komidaz to connect with your diners, one-to-one.

How it Works

Personalize Your Marketing

Boost the power of your marketing efforts with the Komidaz built-in marketing hub. Reach customers with relevant, personalized promotions and loyalty programs.

How it Works

Keep Up With Your Competition

The Komidaz app puts the power of data, analytics, and AI-driven ads into your hands, so you can more effectively compete for customers.

How it Works

Get On-Board with a Robust Mobile Application

Komidaz is available for both iOS and Android devices. If you are on a PC, simply scan the QR code above with your mobile to download the app. If you are on mobile, click on the app store or play store icons below to download.

How it Works

White Label

Rebrand the powerful Komidaz app as your own. Place your logo, design and brand name on the customer interface.

How it Works
How it Works

Your Brand

Enhances your brand by offering a customized app to your patrons.

How it Works

Your Platform

Creates a direct line to your audience while putting forward a self-sufficient image.

How it Works

Your Customer

Deepens customer loyalty by solidifying your identity.

Interested In White Labeling?

Komidaz white-label program is a cost effective way to add online and mobile channels to your own website and support your branded delivery service.