Are digital menus the future of dining? The benefits of mobile ordering for diners and restaurants have grown increasingly more attractive over the years. In fact, orders placed via smartphone and mobile apps are predicted to make up nearly 11% of all quick-service restaurant sales this year.

The success of mobile ordering is glaringly apparent through the efforts of the heavy-weight industry players. Starbucks, for example, drives a sizable chunk of revenue from its mobile ordering app. According to a Statistic study of Starbucks customers conducted in Q4 of 2019, 31.7% of respondents used the Starbucks mobile app to pay for their order in-store, while another 26% of respondents said they used it to order ahead.

If you have yet to adopt an online or mobile ordering system for your restaurant, there’s no better time to start. It’s imperative that the food & beverage industry gets on board with digital menu apps to reap the benefits of mobile ordering.

Modern Diners’ Great Expectations

To fully understand the rise of online ordering, it’s necessary to examine the preferences and habits of today’s diner. The tech-savvy modern consumer prioritizes speed and convenience when it comes to dining experiences.

Online ordering apps rose to market prominence several years ago, and it delivered the quick service and convenience that consumers crave. To illustrate the massive popular appeal in online ordering, consider these impactful statistics:

Diners aren’t the only ones to gain from digital menus and ordering apps. Restaurants that utilize an online ordering system can grow their delivery revenue by 30% more than those who do not.

  • 60% of U.S. consumers order delivery or takeout once a week.
  • From 2015 to 2018, the percentage of people ordering food through a restaurant app tripled, jumping from 11% to a staggering 39%.
  • 67% of customers who have placed an order online will visit the restaurant more frequently versus those who have not.
  • Even as the popularity of delivery apps has exploded, take-out is still king. According to research, 57.7% of surveyed diners preferred to order online ahead of time and pick up food from the restaurant using the business’s branded app.

Beyond the preference for speed and tech-friendly dining experiences, customers gravitate to personalized marketing efforts. Restaurant mobile apps act as another channel to build a personal relationship with diners by offering them special deals and promotions. These efforts over time will win brand loyalty. For customers, the benefits of mobile ordering are obvious.

Increase Customer Satisfaction and Grow Your Business with the Digital Menu

Diners aren’t the only ones to gain from digital menus and ordering apps. Restaurants that utilize an online ordering system can grow their delivery revenue by 30% more than those who do not. To take advantage of the potential sales increase, a QRC-linked digital menu platform like Komidaz[1] [2] [3] is a perfect option.

With an app like Komidaz, diners can browse QRC-linked menus on their mobile devices, order, pay and track their food progress, whether they’re on or off-premise. Restaurants can receive orders directly to the kitchen, easily manage menus and payments, capture customer data and engage in hyper-personalized marketing.

The benefits of such a perfect system are a two-way street. Here’s why digital menus are the future-proof solution for diners and restaurateurs:

For Diners:

  • Speed of Service. Customers can speed up their transactions by ordering through an app ahead of time or via QRC-linked menus on-site, allowing them to skip lines and avoid waiting for a table.
  • Convenience. Digital menu apps allow customers to order and pay ahead of time, hassle-free. The accessibility of such a system will attract a returning crowd who remembers the ease-of-experience at that particular business.
  • Safety. Ditching the printed menu has plenty of advantages, including improved safety for diners. Since the COVID-19 pandemic hit, safety and sanitation are paramount, especially for the food and beverage business. Patrons can use digital menus to order and pay contact-free to avoid the spread of germs.
  • Personalized Brand Experience. Not only do apps like Komidaz remember a diner’s order history, but they also can alert them to new deals and promotions. Customers will feel a closer connection with a restaurant that remembers them and keeps them in-the-know about special offers.

For Restaurants:

  • Increase Profitability With Reduced Labor Cost. At an average location, labor costs account for 25% of the menu prices. Digital ordering solutions can slash staffing costs. By empowering customers to order and pay digitally, it decreases the amount of necessary front-of-house labor.
  • Recover Lost Revenue. Many restaurants lose customers due to long lines or lengthy wait times. Online ordering can mitigate this issue by offering quick, convenient digital ordering instead.
  • Attract Customers With Valuable Data. Restaurants have been missing out on valuable customer data for years. No longer. With a digital restaurant platform like Komidaz, restaurant owners can collect and analyze a wealth of customer data, which they can leverage in targeted marketing efforts.
  • Build a Loyal Customer Base. Through the convenience of mobile ordering and the endless personalized marketing opportunities available via the app’s data, restaurants can build positive relationships with customers and ensure their loyalty for years to come.

Embrace the Future of Digital Dining

As we come full circle, consider the question again:are digital menus the future of dining? Overwhelmingly, the evidence points to yes. The modern diner has already experienced the benefits of mobile ordering, and it’s time that restaurants take full advantage as well. Restaurants can look forward to reduced labor expenses, increased sales, valuable customer data and the opportunity to build a loyal customer base.
If you’re looking for a best-in-class digital platform for your restaurant, Komidaz is the obvious choice. You’ll enjoy unique and essential benefits, including:
  • $0 Investment. That’s right. We built our business so you can deploy immediately without a time-consuming or costly investment.
  • Improved Workload Management. Manage peak hours and staff shortages by empowering customers with a QRC-enabled mobile ordering app.
  • Unlock Valuable Data. Get to know your customers and increase the frequency of visits with targeted promotions.
  • Increase Satisfaction, Transaction & Profit. Increase customer satisfaction, order volume and your bottom line with faster service, quicker table-turns, pre-orders and takeaway orders.
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